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Poly Lined Cable Lifter

Poly Lined Cable Lifter

Safely & quickly work with service hangers, rollers, cables & water hose from floor level


Always execute correct lifting technique: minimum 2 people for car cables and minimum 3 people for miner cables. It is advisable to have mine workers lift cables to chest height so the mine workers using the Cable Lifters can get under the cable to be lifted.

The Multi Purpose Adaptor can be fitted to any of our Cable lifters. The Lifters can be used for Installing our Cable Rollers and our Pull Test certified service hangers, including Dee Nuts and Double Hooks (Viking Nuts) etc.

Cable Lifters can be easily manufactured to suit your needs. Including style and seam height.

Fact Sheet

Product Identification

Part No: 0009 S+H, 0009 MPL1500

Other names used on site:

  • Service hanger lifter
  • Multi purpose cable lifter