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Anti-Shock Shuttle Car/Buggy Cable Anchors

Anti-Shock Shuttle Car/Buggy Cable Anchors

Reduces force applied to new and repaired cables

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The Anti shock Anchor has a built in Shock Absorbing Polyurethane Ring.
The instant a load is applied the Poly Ring commences to elongate and works as a shock absorber, protecting your cable (especially repaired cables) and smoothes out the 70 - 90 kg shock load that your cable would receive prior to activating the initial movement of the Pull Test Certified Anchor Spring.

With currently over 12 different configurations of Cable Anchors in our Range we strongly recommend using a sleeved model if your mine has Methane Gas present.

We recommend anchoring off a Horizontal Swivel Mount Part No 0109 HSM

Read and follow the Installation Procedure Sheet

Always follow your mines isolation procedure

Product Identification

Part No: 0052 DSAS, 0052 SAS, 0109 HSM

Other names used on site:

  • Cable anchors
  • Shuttle car anchors
  • Shuttle car cable anchors
  • Shuttle car strap
  • Shuttle car webbing
  • Shuttle car strap webbing
  • Shuttle car strap spring
  • Spring anchors